Thursday, October 18, 2012

Front Door

Did I mention I LOVE halloween?  I had to come up with something different for the front door this year.  My door faces south, so my decorations fade and fall apart after just a couple of years.  I also don't want to continually spend a fortune to do something fun.

The purple spider web is really inexpensive and I'm sure I have enough to last me 3 more years!  I quickly made the wreath out of 2 feather boas (they were not the same color!)  I wrapped one around the outside of the straw wreath (which I had in the basement) and the darker one covered the inside twice.  I picked up some styrofoam balls and wiggly eyes and after about 10 minutes I had a wreath.  I had to glue the eyes on the styrofoam balls the day before assembly because they didn't want to stick so I glued and taped the eyes and then removed the tape once the glue was dry.

To attach the eyes I used a toothpick to make a set and then just wrapped one of the boa feather across the middle.  

Super easy!

Keep it fabulous!

The Chop Haus

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