Friday, October 19, 2012

Garage Windows

I've tried for a couple of years to come up with just the right window coverings for our garage windows.  Because they have the grids I always felt like whatever I put up was being cut into pieces because of the non-removable grids.

This year I decided I didn't care, I was making something to cover the windows that would "glow" when the interior garage lights were left on.

I started with very inexpensive lime green plastic table clothes.  Orange, yellow or purple would have also worked.  I found some pictures of bat and ghost silhouettes on line.  Be careful what you search when you put in the word bat, or real live bat pictures will pop up (yuck and creepy!)

I cut the plastic table cloth bigger than our window so had some extra just in case and so it would make it easy to tape!  I drew the outlines of the bats and ghost on black poster board and cut them out.  I arranged the items and then glued them down using white school glue.  I let them dry over night.

Once they were dry, I carefully got out the ladder and taped the very top so I could then position the entire table cloth.

Each night I turn on the inside garage lights and the windows glow!

It makes me want to do every window in the house!

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