Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Advent Calendar

Last year was the first year we really celebrated Advent.  I love the count down to Jesus' Birthday, the anticipation of what is to come just excites me to the core.  In an effort to help Mr. Non-Stop understand the true meaning of Christmas we felt a countdown of the days accompanied by an appropriate Bible reading would help get our family into the Christmas spirit.

Yes, I had just about everything I needed on hand to make the calendar!

Items used
Green light weight wool fabric
Red felt for the squares
Various Christmas fabric
Double sided wonder under 
Fabric / Craft glue
White Ribbon 
Silver Ribbon
Green Ribbon
Red Ribbon
Yellow felt
Silver number stickers - Office Max
Round tags with silver rims - Office Max
Rod to slip through the top to hang (which you can't see!)
Parchment paper
Bible verses with appropriate "gift" - found at

The fabric was 36" wide.  The fabric was really long so I hung it up in the house where it would hang once completed.  Marked off the length, left extra to make a rod loop at the top, trimmed the fabric and  turned back the edges and used wonder under to secure it to the back side. 

The red felt squares are cut to 4".  Each Christmas fabric was also cut to 4".  I ironed back the edge of each square so they would have a clean look.  I knew I was going to glue the Christmas fabric to the red felt leaving the top open to make the pocket.  I used white shinny ribbon to cover the cut edge of the Christmas fabric so it wouldn't fray and "flip up" when the items were removed from the pocket. I then glued the Christmas fabric to the red felt squares to create each pocket.

I laid out my squares in the shape of a tree, moved them around 100 times before I was satisfied with the lay out of the fabrics, and then glued them in place.

I copied the Bible verses from the website and pasted into Word.  I used a nice font, and printed the verses on a cream colored parchment paper.  Each verse is rolled up to look like a scroll and placed in the pocket.

I also had to locate all 25 items listed with the Bible verses. Some I had to purchase, but many I already had at home!  I put each one in a plastic button bag (you know, the ones that the extra buttons come in when you buy new clothes!). 

The silver rimmed number tags were purchased at Office Max.  They also had silver foil number stickers that fit onto the tags.  Once the tags were ready I used, red, green or silver ribbon to attach the tags to the gift bags.  I actually taped the ribbon to the bag so you can just pull the ribbon and the gift bag comes out.

I made the yellow felt star so we could place the star in the pocket of the current Advent day.

On Christmas morning after looking at the tree and not touching anything, we finished the Advent calendar first and said Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

Sorry for the lack of photos, I wasn't in the how to document what you are doing mode, when I created the calendar!

Here is to the start of a fabulous Christmas!

11/30/12 - I found another website with Bible readings and "gifts" that reinforce the message, rather than an item that is given to a child.  Sweeter Than Sweets had a great list of readings and easy to find items.  I didn't have to buy a single item!

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