Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Not Ready

I thought for sure I wasn't ready for Christmas season start.  Heck, Mr. Non-Stop asked me on Monday if we could put up our tree!  My first thought was, no way.  I had just packed away the Halloween decorations.  Traditionally, I transition from fall to winter / Christmas during Thanksgiving week.  Stuff comes down, items get cleaned and then out comes the holiday decor.

I realized how quickly Christmas is arriving.  I went to buy stocking stuffers for our adopted charity at work and BAM! it hit me.  I am so ready.  I think it is the excitement of watching Mr. Non-Stop get excited.  I think we may have to start creating a few new decorations that he can help with.  The other item that got me motivated was all the Elf on the Shelf items on Pinterest.  We however have Christopher Pop-in-Kins.  I was trying to decide which one I wanted and someone gave me Christopher.  Last year was the first year the Elf visited the Chop Haus, he might have to have more fun this year, kind of like Elf on the Shelf.

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