Monday, December 17, 2012

Shock, tears and numbness

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting happened 3 days ago.  I've avoided the news channels on TV as well as the internet.  I just couldn't watch the details.  I have a 4 1/2 year old, this event was just more than I could handle.  I'm sure my reaction was similar to many other parents, shock, tears, numbness, the feeling that you are just going to throw-up.  Questions with no answers.

I've read a few things on FB, posts from friends, some news updates, but mostly I just avoided it all.  I cried, played with my son, hugged him about every 10 seconds and cried some more.

Finally this morning, I forced myself to look at NBCNews and read the names of the victims. I looked at the faces of those sweet, innocent children and the faces of those brave school administrators.  They are now all together, in heaven.

I'm still searching for a way to help myself deal with this tragedy.  I read something about how the media goes on and on about the shooters and that is the name you always remember.  I also read about how at one church the pastor had all the victims names on the alter and asked the worshipers to select one of the victims and pray for that victim and their family for an entire year.  Well in this case, I choose to remember the victims, all of them. I created a monthly prayer list, once victim for every day of the month.  I added a few people after the 27 victims, because there are so many people that need our prayers.

Prayers to you all

Monday, December 10, 2012

Reindeer Muffins

It was Mr. Non-Stop's turn to take snacks to preschool.  I try to send something that isn't completely filled with sugar.  A classroom full of 4 year olds is already crazy, they don't need extra sugar!  Mr. Non-Stop loves blueberry muffins and assumes that everyone else will also love them.  But I can't just send plan old boring muffins, so I created reindeer muffins!

They are really easy and it didn't take long to assemble.  Yes, I used peanut butter but you could use frosting if peanut butter isn't "allowed"!

Supplies: Blueberry muffins, red M&M's, chocolate chips, pretzels and peanut butter.

With a knife or spreader, cut slits across the top of the muffin (this is where the antlers will go)

Spread a little bit of peanut butter across the bottom of the pretzels and then slide into the slits.

Completed antlers

Now it is time to attach the eyes and nose.  Again using peanut butter, put peanut butter on the pointed part of the chocolate chip and press into the muffin.

Put a little bit of peanut butter on the M&M and press into the muffin to attach the nose

Completed Reindeer!

The kids and Mr. Non-Stop loved them!

The Chop Haus

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh that Crazy Elf!

Christopher Pop-in-Kins made his first appearance a our Haus last year.  Mr. Non-Stop doesn't really remember the elf making his visit, so this will really be our first year of having lots of fun!  We read the book on Thanksgiving night and Christopher popped in on Friday, November 30. He even wrote a note to Mr. Non-Stop and delivered his Christmas jammies.

So far Christopher hasn't gotten into too much trouble.  Mr. Non-stop wasn't very happy about Christopher playing with his toys.  But we figured it was a good chance to teach our only child how to share!  Especially since he can't touch Christopher or get his toy back. 

So far here's few of Christopher's hiding spots and nightly antics!
Where is he?  This hiding spot took a while before he was found.

Oh, there he is, just hanging out with the Nutcrackers!

On top of the refrigerator with with snow men.

Christopher cut out snow flakes!
Making Elf Mix!

Got caught playing in the decorations.

We read the Gingerbread man story, so Christopher made paper Gingerbread boys.
It's Christopher and Charlie-in-the-Box!
Just hanging around1
Going for a ride.

Card anyone?

He's Crafty!
Roasting Marshmallows

Getting ready to build


Elf donuts (cheerios)

Christopher's last day.  He left us a donut pan and a recipe

I'll update as Christoper continues to have fun at our Haus!

The Chop Haus