Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Last year's valentines

I am trying to decide on a Valentine idea for Mr. Non-Stop for pre-school.  So far, no final decision, but I have a little bit of time left.

In the mean time, I went looking for last years ideas.

We sent Valentine's to the grandparents.  Hand prints inside of a heart.  I used a paper towel wrapped around a pencil tip to make the circles for the heart.  Really simple and cute.  Mr. Non-Stop got to paint after I had all the necessary hand prints completed.

I also got really inspired for his pre-school valentines.  I loved the heart shaped crayons, so that is where I started.  I found a silicone mold in the dollar bin at Target and we had TONS of broken crayons. I did make some more blue/green for the boys and pink/red for the girls.

I used scrap-booking paper for the outside wrap, heart shaped foamies and silver ribbon (which I just happened to have).  I used a fine tipped sharpie to put each classmates name on the outside.  The foamie was very sticky so it held the Valentine shut. 
The inside had the crayon and the cute saying "Valentine, you color my World"  I used red card stock behind the printed saying.  I cut slits to put the ribbon through to hold the crayon, and just little bit of double sided tape, kept the crayon in place.


These were so fun for me to make, Mr. Non-Stop just liked the crayons!

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