Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Canvas Art

I love doing crafts with Mr. Non-Stop.  He is usually done with the project before I am, but that is ok, it's just fun doing stuff together.

I purchased a pack of 12 x 12 canvases before Christmas thinking I was going to have time to make some fun stuff, but that never happened.  So now I have the time.  I also love incorporating Mr. Non-Stop's hand print or foot print into items we make, this way we have those prints but also art!

I started with the 12 x 12 canvas, measured at 6" and lightly drew pencil lines.  Deciding on the paint colors took the longest!  But once that decision was made I taped off one of the 6 x 6 boxes.  I painted, waited for it to dry and painted some more.  I couldn't find our blue painters tape, or masking tape, so I settled for scotch tape.  I made sure each strip was long enough to wrap around the back of the canvas and overlap in the middle.  I also ran my nail over the edge that would be painted, trying to get the best possible seal.  In addition, when I painted I started on the tape and painted into the center, this way I wasn't pushing paint into the tape.  I used regular craft paint and a sponge brush to get overall good, even coverage.

Once the paint was dry I pulled off the tape and actually had a pretty good straight line!

I then taped off the opposite corner and painted.  You will see the bottom corner of the canvas is propped up on a tube of glitter, just using that so I didn't have to lay the canvas on the table and worry about the paint sticking to the paper covering my table.

I repeated these steps until the entire canvas was completed.
Make sure each section is completely DRY before you add the tape to paint another 6 x 6 section.  To be honest, this took me about 5 hours.  I was doing other stuff, but I really wanted the paint to have time to dry.  To get good solid coverage you need about 3 or 4 coats of paint on each section.

Waiting for the last section to dry and waiting.   While I was waiting I printed the letters L and E.  I used Georgia font and it was about 380 point!

It took a couple of attempts to get the right size, but once they were trimmed, I could tell they would take up most of the space.
Now, how to get those letters onto the canvas? I'm sure there is more than one way, but this worked for me!

I turned the letter over and using a pencil scribbled around the outside edge of the letter.  (that black spot you see, is me reusing paper in my printer, just scribble over it!)   Don't just lightly scribble, get some lead on that paper!

I then folded the letter in half long ways to find it's center, and lined that up to the 3" center of the 6 x 6 box.  Basically I was doing my best to center the letter in the box.  I then traced around the outside edge of the letter.

All that scribbling was worth it, I now have a stenciled letter on my canvas.  I repeated this with the E also.  Then started painting inside the stencil using a very find paint brush for the edges and a bigger brush for the middle.  I have a couple of paint brushes that have very straight bristles, so I would lay that on the edge and pull the paint towards the center.  I have a fairly steady hand, so I did not tape off my letters, but you could.  Again, it is going to take numerous coats of paint to get your letters smooth and even.  Once everything was dry and because of stuff going on, it was a couple of days later that we finally had time to paint Mr. Non-Stops hand and feet.  I explained to him to not move his hand and to keep his fingers closed.  He giggled a lot when I painted his feet.

 It took a while, but over all we were happy with the final result!

And here it is on the wall in the kitchen.

Don't be afraid, it's just paint, you can just paint over it!

The Chop Haus


  1. This is gorgeous and creative, love this...gonna do this for my great niece!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. I featured this on my facebook page and sent my fans to you :) Wonderful idea!

  3. What kind of paint did you use for this project? I'm always debating how to get the best coverage!

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