Monday, March 25, 2013

Bunny Tales

In Easters past I cooked lunch after rushing home from church.  I would at least have dessert ready to go and since Mr. Non-Stop loves fun stuff I would try to be creative and make a something fun.

Here are the previous year's attempts.  Nothing for this year, my family was invited to go out to eat and I said yes, any thing so I don't have to cook!

 This was my first bunny cake!  I'm pretty sure I saw this cutie on a magazine cover while checking out at the grocery store.  A quick internet search gave me numerous options (this was before I found Pinterest!).  I know I settled on the Betty Crocker version, but I can guarantee you it wasn't carrot cake! (pretty sure it was chocolate). 

I wish I could remember where I found the original picture for these super cute chicks, but it was about 3 years ago so there is no chance of me giving credit to the right person (sorry).  However, the Betty Crocker version looks pretty close and the directions sound very familiar!

These fun little cake pops were my own creation.  While I looked at tons of photos, I just kind of made it up with whatever I had in the house! These were made the same year as the chick cup cakes, so I used half the cake batter for cupcake and the other half for cake-pops!  These ears were made out of marshmallows, cut at an angle, slightly dampened with water then dipped in pink sugar.

My favorite!!!  My mom ALWAYS, and I do mean ALWAYS made us a Bunny Cake growing up.  I didn't even need to look up anything on the internet for this one.  I knew it was 2 round cake pans and then you cut the ears and bow-tie out of one of the pans.  I love chocolate cake with chocolate icing, so a chocolate bunny for Easter was perfect!  Mr Non-Stop's favorite color is green so the bow tie was green with coordinating M&M's.  For a little texture I added chocolate sprinkles to the bunny.  The first piece we cut was the ear! :)

Happy Easter and be creative!

The Chop Haus


  1. I loved reading about all of your favorite Easter treats. You make us look bad. We only do sugar cookies. Next Easter I've got to do better--time to try a bunny cake! :)

    1. No trying to make anyone look bad :( Just hoping to inspire you to try something new! Seriously, the bunny cake with the 2 round cake pans is super easy! Good Luck!