Monday, April 29, 2013

Fun Foods and Snacks

While Mr. Non-Stop has been in pre-school providing snacks has become second nature.  Last year, he had snack once a month and I usually coordinated the snack with the theme of the week.  This year, I just tried to come up with something fun, that wasn't 100% sugar.  But even in my attempts to avoid the sugar, it still made it into the snacks.

Bears with chocolate chip eyes, and mini-oreo ears (I opened the oreos and scraped out the cream).  I know your first question, what did you do with the cream?  I ate it off the knife at the end!

 Buses, made from graham crackers, cinnamon life cereal (for the windows) and mini-oreos for the tires. I used peanut butter to attach the items (PB is a safe item at our school!)

Blueberry muffin reindeer.  Chocolate chip eyes, m&m nose and pretzels for antlers.  Again, used peanut butter to attach the items.

 Butterfly baggie snacks.  I used a snack size baggie and filled each side, grapes on one side, gold fish and teddy grahams on the others.  I let Mr. Non-Stop paint the clothes pins, and then I glued the eyes and pipe cleaners to each one.  I was worried that if I made them the night before the moisture from the grapes would soften the fish and teddys.  I made one "test" baggie and NO problems with moisture.  I could have made them all the night before, oh well, lesson learned.  These were taken to school for the insect unit.

 Mini-buses.  These are pretty much the same as the buses, but I must have had a different brand of graham crackers, because when I broke these in half, they weren't square.  Again, I used mini-oreos and cinnamon life cereal.  I happened to have a fruit roll-up, so I cut it into strips and made a stripe for the bus. These were for the transportation unit when Mr. Non-Stop was 3.
 Marshmallow Reindeer dipped in chocolate.  These were from Christmas time when Mr. Non-Stop was 3.  I used a knife to slit the marshmallows and then pushed the pretzel rod into the a marshmallow, dipped it in chocolate and then carefully placed the head onto the antlers that were already on a cookie sheet (covered in wax paper).  I found I had to prop up the other end of the pretzel rod so the reindeer head would stay attached to the antlers.  While the chocolate was drying I placed the eyes and nose.  A little time consuming but I didn't have to make that many and the kids loved them!!

And yet another blueberry muffin!  (Mr. Non-Stop loves blueberry muffins!)  This time I used frosting to attach the chocolate chips and mini-vanilla wafers.  This was from the bear unit when Mr. Non-Stop was 3.  Also before I took good pictures for Pinterest!  But hopefully you get the idea!

You don't have to be super creative to have fun cooking with your kids.  Most of these my littler helper was in the kitchen, stirring, placing chocolate chips or munching on the left overs!  Truly the only time consuming snack was the reindeer pretzel rods, the other ones were pretty quick! 

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