Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Yes, Mother's Day has come and gone, not with a bang or a flash, but with kisses and hugs and special cards for the grandmas!

The idea was in my head, but we didn't actually make these until Sunday morning, but it went really quick.

I decided one color flower was the quickest way to attempt and finish this project.  Mr. Non-Stop loves red and green so getting him to agree was pretty easy.

1. We have paper that is about 2 feet by 3 feet, so I cut 2 sheets long way.
2. I painted his had with the red craft paint, and carefully placed his hand on the paper.
3. Once the flowers were almost dry (which really didn't take long), I added the stems and flowers.
4. I wrote the appropriate title across the top and then he signed his name way off to the right.
5. We rolled them up and tied a red bow around the card.

We made 3 total but it really was quick and easy, but from the heart!

I might need to make one for myself!!!

I hope everyone was able to enjoy their Mother's Day

The Chop Haus

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