Friday, June 14, 2013

Airplane Birthday Party

We live close (not too close), but close to an airport.  We are in one of the landing patterns, so planes fly over our house frequently.  We also get the really cool fly overs of military helicopters!  When Mr. Non-Stop was turning two, he really liked watching the planes fly over head, so that made my choice of a party theme pretty easy.  Keep in mind, this was just a small family party, and he was only two, so I didn't go too crazy with decorations.  The plates, napkins and silverware were just plain blue. 

The cake came from a local grocery story, at the time they had a fantastic decorator (too bad she left!)

 Over our island I added a plane with a tail that said Happy Birthday. I made a couple of clouds out of card stock and cotton balls.  I used clear line to attach to our pendent lights.

This is Mr. Non-Stop's official 2 Year old photo, wearing his birthday shirt (close up of the shirt is below)

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