Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Birthday Card

It was the DAY OF my mom's birthday and even though my plan was to work on her card ahead of time that just didn't work out.  So while in the middle of prepping for Mr. Non-Stop's birthday party (that was the next day), we had to make this card that I had in my head.  Lucky for me Mr. Non-Stop loves to paint.  Actually I couldn't get him to stop painting, even after the project was done!

Normally I would take pictures of each step, but I was up to my eye balls in cupcakes and frosting for the party, so sorry, no extra photos.  But here is the final product!

What we used
Coffee filters
Watered down craft paint
2 pieces of card stock

I let Mr. Non-Stop pick 3 paint colors, I watered those down in three separate bowls and he used sponge brushes.  I laid the coffee filters into a shallow dish and let him paint.  It doesn't take much for the coffee filters to be completely soaked!

I put the coffee filters outside on paper towels, they dried really fast in the sun.  I cut out some circles and let Mr. Non-Stop glue them on the card.  He picked out the buttons and glued those on.  Once it was dry, I drew the stems and leaves.

On a second sheet of card stock Mr. Non-Stop wrote Happy Birthday Grammy!  I punched holes in both sheets, added some ribbon and "poof" we had a birthday card.  My mom loved it!

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