Saturday, June 15, 2013

Construction Birthday

We live in a fairly new allotment with a lot of construction equipment.  It didn't take long for Mr. Non-Stop to become obsessed with construction equipment.  My husband works for a home builder as the operations manager, Mr. Non-Stop is convinced he is out there driving bulldozer (he isn't, never has).  But that didn't deter him from learning the name of EVERY piece of construction equipment known to man.  Seriously, he could name them all at the age of three and would correct me if I got it wrong!  We've spend many afternoon sitting in the back of my SUV watching holes being dug, buildings being built or cement being poured.  So bring on the construction themed birthday party!

 We used orange, brown and yellow for the plates, napkins and silverware.  We had a large roll of caution tape (doesn't everyone?)  I ordered the removable/re positionable wall  decals which were then used to decorate Mr. Non-Stop's "big boy" bedroom.  I also ordered some traffic signs that I used throughout our kitchen. 

I went to order the cake, only to find out the fabulous decorator that designed the airplane cake was no longer at my local grocery store.  When I described what I wanted they were going to charge me for a "wedding cake" because it was 2-tiered!  No way, so I tried a different store.  They did a great job.  I had to add few things to get the overall look I wanted, but in the end, I was very happy.

I crushed Oreos to make the dirt and added the construction vehicles around the edges.  One of the vehicles even came with the little yellow cones.  I used yogurt covered raisins for the rocks. The construction cone candles added the perfect touch to the top!


The kitchen decorated with caution tape, wall decals and construction barrels!

The orange construction barrels were just hot/cold cups.  I used white ribbon around the top and printed the letters on clear label.  I used a large needle to poke a hole in the bottom of each cup (which is the top of the barrel).  I also taped the thread to the inside of the cup so they wouldn't pull through the needle hole.  I was able to tape each barrel to the caution tape. 

You can see the "official" shirt (ordered from Etsy).  We still had construction equipment in our allotment, so I took Mr. Non-Stop's photo on a sheep's foot roller (yes, there really is such a thing!)
Over all a very happy birthday party!

The Chop Haus

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