Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day ... part 2

My hubby will wear a leather bracelet, if it says something that has significant meaning to him.  Last year I bought him one with a saying that was directly linked to our church.  He loved it, he wore it, every where, including into the pool and the ocean.  Well, needless to say, the snaps rusted and he can no longer wear the bracelet.

So onto another idea I found on Pinterest.  You send in your child's hand writing and they carve into a bracelet.  Oh what a great idea, until I looked at the price tag.  So here is my attempt at making our own.
I found a two pack of leather bracelets at the craft store, perfect in case I messed up the first one.

Mr. Non-Stop decided he wanted the bracelet to say I Love Daddy, but that was too long to fit (he can't write small).  So I substituted a heart for the love.

We practiced on a piece of paper first.  I traced the bracelet so he could see how much space he would have.

After a little practice, I have him the bracelet and a very dull pencil.  You can see below I have started to carve the letters, but the heart and the D Y are just the pencil markings.

I started out with the Swiss Army knife, very small blade, easy to control

Once I had the everything carved I grabbed the kitchen scissor that have a bigger blade.  This allowed me to dig deeper into the leather.  I just kept going over and over the letters until they looked deep enough.  (Keep in mind, I still had my back-up piece of leather!)

I knew we had shoe polish, found it!  And outside we went.  As soon as I opened the container I knew we couldn't do this part in the house, my hubby would want to know why we were using shoe polish!

And here it is!  It's Mr. Non-Stop's hand writing.  I wiped off the extra polish, left it sit in the sun for little while, and I stashed it upstairs with the other gifts.

A little closer look

The cost of the two bracelets $4.00!

You really can make these items yourself - just try it!

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