Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fire Truck Birthday

While Mr. Non-Stop hasn't stopped being obsessed with construction equipment he has started an obsession with fire trucks.  He loves to look at them, climb on them and make siren noises.

I contacted our local Fire Department, they have a centrally located Safety Center.  To my surprise they agreed to a tour for my son and his friends from pre-school.  The up side, it was free!  The down side, no food allowed.  So I rented a room at our Y which was half a block away so it worked out perfect!

I have to admit, I was super excited about planning this party.  It was going to be Mr. Non-Stop's first party with his friends.

I designed a logo that we would use for everything from invites to cupcake toppers to the labels for the kids fire hats. The 4 was because it was his 4th birthday.  And EST. 2008 was the year he was born.  I looked at a lot of fire department logos as I was completing the design.

The invites were 5 x 7

The tour!  The fire fighters assigned to our group were super nice and interacted with all of the kids.  We saw everything; kitchen, sleeping quarters, the fire pole, one firefighter even went down the pole!  They let kids climb in an ambulance and one of the fire trucks.  I managed to get a picture of each child sitting behind the wheel of the truck!  I printed each photo and mailed it home with their thank you note.  Her is Mr. Non-Stop

The kids are watching the new pumper truck that was sitting outside the station.

We watched while they put the stabilizers out and then the ladder went all the way up!

And up.  It was up above the top of the two story fire house.

Even the kids said WOW!

Our tour was over, but it was time to eat!  I used Mr. Non-Stop's fire trucks we had at home as decorations.  Because I wasn't at the Y to set-up I didn't get all the pictures taken before everyone started to eat.  The plates were fire truck shaped, they matched the candy boxes shown below.  The napkins had a fire captain badge and the silverware was red and orange. 

The kids each received a fire bucket for their gift bag.  Each label was custom, it included their name "Firefighter Megan" across the bottom portion.  The gift buckets included: glow sticks, coloring sheets, crayons, pencils and stickers.

And the "official shirt" and pictures!

It's been more than a year since the fire truck birthday party and he still talks about how much fun he had.  Even a couple of the kids at school will bring it up!

I am very grateful to our fire department for being so accommodating!

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  1. Beautiful party! Love the buckets! Are you selling the template anywhere? I would love to use it for my sons birthday. It's so great! Great job! Thx, Marissa

    1. Hi Marissa, Thank you for the compliment. I loved organizing this party. I don't have an online shop, but when did you need the template? I'm sure we could work out the details. If you would like to email me directly you can reach me at

    2. Hi you did such awesome job do you share the template or sale it I would love to use the bucket one if at all possible see my son fell in a campfire last year in July at the age of 2 he survived third degree burns to his face and both arms we spent 40 days at Harbor View were he had three skin graft surgeries done, he is okay now but ever since then he has been a fan of firemen and all to do with them his birthday is in September and we plan on a firetruck/fireman theme please let me know as soon as possible if I could use the template or purchase it from you!

    3. Jessica, so glad to hear your son survived. I recently changed jobs and the software I used to create the logos and all the printables for the party was on my work computer. I am hoping to get that same software installed on my new computer from my new company. But as of now, I can't create or modify any of my designs.

      If you would like to send me your email address I'd be happy to contact you if I am able to make the necessary revisions. I actually think I'll have the new software in the next month. Please email me at with your address and any questions.


  2. I am also interested in the label template if you still have them. Can I email you?