Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pirate Birthday

As Mr. Non-Stop has gotten older, I've ramped up my birthday party ideas!   I gave Mr. Non-Stop numerous options for party themes and he picked Pirates.  I even gave him the option to back out of the theme before I started massive planning and purchasing.

I had so much fun with this theme and the fact that pirates are popular made this easy!

Invites: Message in a Bottle.  The invites were printed on white paper front to back with a picture of "scroll looking" paper in the back-ground.  Once they were printed I burned the edges to each sheet to give it a true scroll appearance.  This was a messy time consuming process because of the paper ash and I had to continually blow out the flame so it didn't burn too much of the paper!  However, the overall final affect was perfect!

Pirate Invite
The printed invite that was rolled up and inside the bottle

I added tiny shells to the bottom of each bottle along with shredded brown paper to give the appearance of sand.  I tied raffia around each bottle and added a little paper tag to the top of each that was red striped along with the pirate logo I was using for the party

Partially assembled invite bottles

Each invite was tightly rolled and tied off with raffia, leaving a very long end that would stick out the top
I used sticky cork to go around the outside of each bottle top.  Regular wine corks wouldn't fit (of course) and trying to buy almost 20 cork that would fit seemed a bit excessive.  The two sheets of 12 x 12 sticky cork cost $1.99!
Mostly assembled, with cork around the top and invite "strings" hanging out the top.  I still had to add the name tags

Invites ready to go!

 Water Bottles

Telescope for each gift bag (directions can be found here)

Gift bags - each bag had a telescope, pirate stickers, pirate themed coloring sheets and glow sticks.  I purchased the bags at Party City and made the decals and tags.

Cupcake Toppers - I was just about done punching out the circles for the cupcake toppers and decided to add pirate flags and gold doubloons.  It made for a great variety.


Table Decorations, Food, Set-up - Our location gave us one food table and two tables for the adults.  The kids had their own table (no decorations on it, they were crazy enough from all the running around the play land!)

These cute little message in bottles were up-cycled from one of my hair care products (hair powder).  They were the perfect shape and size.  I used a bamboo skewer to attach the message. 


Here's the entire crew along with their pirate hats and patches.  We even had a few in the back saying "Arrgghh"

If you have looked at the other birthday party ideas, here is the official picture and shirt!

I bought the shirt off of Etsy.  I've been very happy with the quality of the shirt and the embroidery.  It's been washed numerous times already and still looks good!

Arrgh Matey!  Hope ye enjoyed this party idea!

The Chop Haus

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