Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wine Charms

I made these wine bottle charms as a Christmas gift for my sister.  They were super easy and made from salt dough.  They are a little bit bigger than a half dollar coin.  I used plastic lids off my spice jars to cut the circles and a bamboo skewer to poke the hole through before I baked the charms.

I hand painted the words onto each charm, then used a combination of glue and water to seal each one.  Once the first layer was dry, I used some glitter paint and lightly painted each one and let that dry.  I then sealed each one again.  

While the charms were drying I made 5 different wire strings of beads.  I had a wine bottle at home so I was able to measure the right size.  I also had an old necklace laying around, so I used that to thread through the charm and attach to the wire loop.  This way the charm would swing and not be super stiff. 

My sister loved them and immediately placed one on the bottle she had on the counter!

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