Monday, July 1, 2013

Pirate Telescopes

For Mr. Non-Stops Pirate Party, I assembled telescopes for each of the gift bags.  Below are the directions:

What you need
Empty paper towel roll
Hot/Cold drinking cup (I used 8oz)
Black duct tape
Red / white striped paper (or a color to match your theme)

I started with the 8 oz cup, poked a hole in the bottom and cut a star shape


 I then pushed the paper towel roll into the cup bottom.  I did this before I attached the paper to make sure the cup bottom would help to hold the role in place.

I removed the paper towel roll and covered it with my red and white striped paper.  I left about 1 inch of paper on each end and tucked the ends into the roll.  This way all the edges were covered.  I used clear tape to cover the entire paper seem.

 Once the paper towel roll was covered, I needed to cover my hot/cold cup.  All I had at home was halloween.  If I had solid black I still would have covered the cup so it would have the shiny appearance that you get from the black duct tape.  It took 5 strips of tape to cover the cup.  I measured each one and cut with scissors.  I then taped each one over lapping the tap.  Keep in mind, the cup is tapered, so the tape will start to angle.


Once the cup is covered, carefully insert the covered roll into the cup (try not to hit tape).  Having already inserted the roll into the cup in the earlier steps helps keep the roll straight and not sticking to the tape.

The final step is to cover the tape from the cup.  It's a strip of tape that I cut in half the long way.  I covered the tape ends and pushed the tape onto the striped paper to hold the entire thing in place.

I used the other half of the strip of tape and wrapped it around the end where you look through the telescope. 

 These were pretty easy to make once I figured out the process.  Easy to adapt to any color theme!

Have fun!

The Chop Haus

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