Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween 2013

My favorite time of year - fall in Ohio!  Festivals, pumpkins, FOOTBALL, the changing of the leaves.  I just can't get enough!

It didn't take much searching for me to find a costume for Mr. Non-Stop - MINION!

We were lucky, we had some of the necessary pieces at home.  But here is what you need:

Overalls - I was lucky, these were in a pile of clothes I received from a friend.  They were a size to small, which made them too short to wear, but since the legs are tucked into the boots it didn't matter!
Yellow hooded sweatshirt - I attached a snap at the neck to keep it closed in case it is really cold. This was the hardest item to find.  It is about 3 sizes too big, but I figure he can wear it for the next few years to play in!
Black gloves - these are the cheap, small stretchy ones.  Actually they are mine, but they fit him and he was able to still take candy without having to take them off.
Black boots - from last year! (they still fit! bonus!)
Pipe cleaners - from my craft stash, but easy to find.  I bent them into a "V" and whip stitched them onto the hood.  I can just just the thread when we are done with the costume to remove the pipe cleaners.
Goggles (dollar store! It's a clown set)
Black elastic - I taped the elastic to the Goggle arms so they would sit on his head or he could wear them.  Found the elastic at Walmart
Logo - I Googled "Gru Logo" and found numerous images.  I downloaded a large image.  The logo ended up about 4" x 4".  I used white fabric for the backing (just a square).  The black was actually an iron on knee patch.  This turned out to be the perfect weight, it was stiff enough for me to cut the logo without any trouble.  I ironed the black onto the white and then whip stitched the logo onto the front of the overalls.  I can just remove it when we are done with the costume.

Total cost $10.00 (sweatshirt was $8, Goggles $1, Elastic $1)  We had everything else at home!

Of course the day we went to Trunk or Treat it was 70 degrees!  He was hot!  But it's Ohio, quite often it is snowing on Halloween and this costume allows for layers and no coat.

Now, onto the grown-ups costume party we attend every year.  I was scrambling to find a baby sitter, so the costume was very last minute.  I had to (again) get the hubby to agree.  This turned out great and was super simple!  Robbers!  
T-shirts - Target (on sale 2 for $22), plus I use Cartwheel at Target and saved an additional 15%, plus, I'll wear mine again! 
Knit hats - $1 each at the dollar store.                       
Money Bags - We had one money bag at home (don't ask me why, I haven't a clue).  The other bag (mine) was $1 from Pat Catans Craft store.  I used a thick marker to make the $ sign.  It was a tote bag, I cut the straps off to use as the ties for the tops of both bags.
Masks - I made the masks from 1 piece of felt (25 cents at Pat Catans).  I used the black elastic I bought for the Minion costume to make the strap. I knew we wouldn't wear them for very long, so I didn't want to spend money on masks.

Enjoy the cool temperatures and beautiful fall colors!
Go Buckeyes!

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