Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Elf Mischief 2013

Yes, it's that time.  The crazy elf has returned to our Haus for Christmas 2013.  So as the days progress (and we have less sunlight!) I will add the elf photos as they happen.

Getting captured by the army guys

Curling ribbon, and curling some more.  Christopher used my sons scissors, which made Mr. Non-Stop a little unhappy.

Zip-lining through the front hall.  Looks easy, but I had to use double stick tape to get the candy canes to stay and tape around the hook so Christopher wouldn't move.

Full view of the zip line.

Christopher must of needed a midnight snack, he ate the centers of the Oreos!

 There is always time to fish!

 Christopher was all set for the Big Ten Championship game. (too bad the Buckeyes didn't win!)

 Creating a peppermint tree and leaving a big mess

 Hanging out in the dining room light

Hanging out with the Nutcrackers.  Mr. Non-Stop has the hardest time with this one.  Used the same spot as last year!

Learning how to use the copier!

Really Christopher?  TPing our tree?!

Hanging out with the Christmas Moose and Reindeer.  He was trying to blend in!

Christopher found my stash of bows and decided to decorate part of the kitchen

Keeping a really close eye Mr. Non-Stop!

My son loves this music box with Nutcracker soldiers.  We couldn't use it while Christopher was stuck in the doorway!

Christopher replaced all the photos of Mr. Non-Stop with photos of himself!

Spreading Christmas cheer with green milk!

 Playing a little Angry Birds

 Hanging out with the snowmen.  This one was tough! (Mommy had to be called in to find Christopher!)

 Christopher usually stays on the first floor, not this time, he came upstairs and covered up the door to Mr. Non-Stop's bedroom!

Good luck and remember to have FUN with your elf!  I base most of my ideas on activities and things my son is interested in.

For last years ideas go here: Christopher 2012

Merry Christmas!

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