Monday, December 29, 2014

More from the Elf

I often wonder why I started down the road with this crazy elf...Mr. Non-Stop loves it, and that is enough for me.  Some days I struggle for new ideas, but so far it is still fun.  I do reuse a couple of ideas from previous years, sometimes you just need an easy day!
 Hiding with peppermints

The candy canes get used multiple times.  Hiding behind the curtains in the dining room

 Yuck! Candy canes in the shoes.  

Finally, the candy canes end up in the right spot...on the tree!

The Elf t-p'd our upstairs hallway!

 The old stand by - hiding with the moose.

 Reinforcements had to be called in for this one (mom).  No one could find the elf.  

 Special to Polar Express and train jammies!

 Tied string through the kitchen and hung the candy canes

 It's cold in the fridge.  

 Captured by the army guys 

 Woody, Buzz and the Elf, all working together.

 Hiding behind the gingerbread cookie and the ice cream cone trees.

That's it, the end of another successful year of the Crazy Elf!