Organize it!

RECIPES: I am on a life long quest to get "things" organized.  My recipes, photographs, toys, clothes, shoes, all the instruction booklets.....  AHHHH make it stop.  Slowly but surely I am getting through the items.

I love these people that everything looks super organized and it's all in it's perfect little place.  It just makes me want to scream GET REAL PEOPLE!!! No one has time to do all that.  I work!!  But I am finding if a let go of the idea that it ALL has to be done right here right now, I am actually accomplishing a few things.

I've worked on the recipe notebooks, most of the pile-up is gone.  I started the notebook for the instruction booklets.  Right now it is limited to toys and games, but even that was a great start.  And most importantly, I've gone back to making weekly decisions concerning "What are we having for dinner?"  I have found that if I just have a plan for dinner, everything else falls into place.  I'm not rushing in the door trying to decide what should I make, do I have to defrost something?????  I designed a printable sheet for the week, a list of meal ideas that tells me where I can find the recipe and potential side dishes!  So simple, who would have thought?!?!

On my Meal Idea sheet the check boxes include Blue Cookbook.  This was my Grandma Gordon's cookbook and I can't bring my self to 1. Get rid of it or 2. reorganize the recipes into my own notebooks.  It was her's, has her notations and hand writing and I love when I pull out "the Blue Cookbook".

PINTEREST:  My Photography Board was getting out of control.  I spent some time getting it organized.  I might need to apply this technique to a few other boards!

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