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Oh Pinterest, how I love your ideas that others have pain painstakingly posted.  I love them so much I've actually started cooking some of the items I've pinned.  I even have a board with the recipes: I've actually cooked items I've Pinned!  There is so much you can learn from Pinterest, but really, if you do nothing with it, what have you really learned?  And, don't forget, someone actually had to come up with the idea, cook the recipe and post it to Pinterest.  On the actual recipe page I've given credit, where credit is due.  Thanks to those that cooked these items before me!

I'll let you know what has worked and well what hasn't.  I certainly don't claim to be a world class chef, but I can hold my own, look in the cupboard and whip up a last minute dinner or item to take to someone's house without even thinking about it, so testing recipes is right up my alley!

Coneys: The recipe is super easy.  Personally it has a little too much mustard, so I usually cut back when I initially add the mustard.  I figure I can always add more later.  Mr. Chop Haus likes the sauce because it isn't too sweet. **Winner**

Shrimp Sandwich with Chipotle Avocado Mayo: First let me say at our Haus, we LOVE shrimp, every which way (except fried).  So a shrimp sandwich, what's there not to love.  This is a version of what some would call a Shrimp 'Po Boy.  We go to a restaurant in Hilton Head that has a fabulous shrimp sandwich, this one is similar and makes me miss the beach even more.  I've made these more than one time, still love them and the 4 year old will eat it! **Winner**

Crock Pot French Dip:  The perfect game day food.  Easy to make and fun to eat.  Definitely classified as a **Winner**

Smashed Potatoes:  Could be a little time consuming if you follow the original recipe, but microwaving small potatoes goes really quick and saves time.  The original recipe is easy to follow and easy to modify!!  There aren't any left so I guess that makes these a **Winner**

Cilantro Lime Chicken Slow Cooker meal: Was fast and super easy to put together.  I loved it, hubby and Mr. Non-Stop, not so much.  So while the recipe is good **Winner**  but I can't add it to my meal rotation because my family won't it eat, I guess I have to call it a *Tie*

Chicken Gyro: Great tasting simple dinner!  Can mix up ingredients in advance.  My family loves them!  **Winner**

039Brownie Batter Dip: This was a fabulous dessert!  I just kept eating it.  Recommend half a batch for a small group unless you want your waistline to hate you! Perfect to make ahead of time. **Winner**

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