The Chop Haus

Hi I'm Lori, a wife and mommy to one very busy non-stop 4 year old boy.  My husband is very support of my sometimes crazy ideas, whether it's my instance of at least 4 family photo shoots per year, or my need to continually try and tweak recipes, he is always there, smirking, sometimes smiling, but usually smirking, because he knows once I get an idea in my head, I'm going to accomplish it, one way or another.

As a family we lead what I consider a rather simple life.  We love to be at home together, just the three of us, along with our chocolate lab, Harper.  Our current obsession, Legos!  Much to my huge excitement, Mr. Non-stop 4 year old actually slows down to build and destroy using the Legos I had as a child.  It's just awesome to watch him discover new things!

If it's nice out, you will most likely find us outside.  We live near fantastic bike trails that are very family friendly.  Mr. Non-Stop loves to ride his bike or Gator in the driveway.  And he like to "help" daddy with the yard work.  We've also started short hikes in our local park system and using the opportunity to pick up unusual items like it's a scavenger hunt - anything to burn off energy!

I don't claim to be ultra-organized, a super cleaning woman or a world class chef, but occasionally I come up with an idea or two that has helped someone else.  Trust me, my windows are covered with doggy nose prints and fingerprints, there is enough doggy hair to make a wig and toy trucks and cars under foot (ouch, what was that?) but I love our home and everything in it.  (Even though I am working on getting rid of STUFF!)

Mr. Chop Haus and I have been an item since high school!  We are quickly approaching 25 years together and 18 of those as Mr. & Mrs.  Our parenting style is "consistent."  Not sure if that is a recognized style, but it works for us and Mr. Non-Stop.  Everyone knows the rules and the rules don't change.  It has made for a very well behaved, polite, super fun loving child.  It makes it easier on mom and dad, too!
 Hopefully you'll find a few ideas here to make your life a little bit simpler.

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